Pastel Framing

Have you had pastels framed elsewhere and been unhappy with the results?  You've hung it on the wall, only to find small flecks of pastel accumulating in the bottom of the frame?  At Classic we know all of the tricks necessary to ensure your pastels are framed properly and continue to look good for years to come.  It all starts with the extra care we take handling and mounting your pastel to ensure it doesn't smudge.  We will work with you to select the correct mat for your piece and then use our computerised mat cutter to cut the mat with a "reverse bevel".  This creates a small, invisible ledge around your work that will collect any stray flecks of pastel that might fall off while the artwork is hanging on the wall, and ensure they are hidden away so the finished piece still looks great.  Come in and give us a try, you will be pleased with the result!