The Printing and Framing Process for Photograhers

Ever wondered how far you can go displaying your photos?  This article shows you the process we use with some of Victoria’s leading photographers.  The same process we can use for you!

Our recent assignment was to prepare a large photo for display at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale by top landscape photographer Mal Austin.

On MonitorThe first step was to ensure consistency in the colour process.  At Classic we have a fully calibrated colour workflow.  We can view the image on our colour calibrated monitor and preview it against different paper types to make sure the image really pops before printing it.  Mal also has a colour calibrated system, so he knows what he sees on his screen is what comes out of our printer.  Photographers without a colour calibrated setup are welcome to view and adjust their images on our system before printing to ensure accuracy.



Printing ImageThe next step is paper selection and printing.  We have a wide variety of papers and canvases that we print on, and our Epson 9900 printer can print images up to 1 meter wide and 30 meters long.  In this example Mal has a special process he applied to the image to make it look like a watercolour painting.  He chose to print it on canvas to enhance the painted look. The final image is about 1.5 meters long.




Image in PressAfter printing we mount the image.  This involves attaching the image to either acid-free foamcore, or MDF.  The image then goes into our vacuum press where all the air is sucked out of it and the image is held under pressure.  This ensures a consistent finish that won’t come apart down the track.




Finished ArtworkThe final step is framing.  In this example we cut down a vintage frame to fit the new print and give the artwork a classic style.  Of course the sky is the limit at this step.  We have frames available to suit every artwork style and budget.

The finished artwork went on to be displayed at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale and was a great success.

If you’d like to discuss your photography printing project with us, simply drop into the store, or email us your images at